Kenzie Shoulder Ring Slings

At Earthy Bliss it has become my  mission to provide parents with superior quality, divine comfort, and a flattering style for the wearer of all shapes and sizes! My designs were carefully thought out with you in mind!




What is the Kenzie Ring Sling?


Our custom designed slings are made with comfort in mind


The Kenzie Ring Sling is designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind. With one large pleat in the center, and smaller pleats that fan out to the prospective edges of the fabric, when worn in the correct position, is extremely comfortable, and takes away all pressure points. the shoulder can be worn in a more narrow position by wearing the rings a bit higher, and by wearing them in a lower position can also enable the wearer to spread and fan out the fabric much more.

Designed with my own baby wearing needs in mind, I was looking for a narrower shoulder, that had the ability to spread wider without riding up on my neck. This is how the Kenzie shoulder was born. Named after my youngest daughter, who was worn from birth until she was nearly 4, this Ring Sling is still her favorite carrier.

Our Ring slings are made from Woven Wrap Fabric & come in a variety of colors and fabric blends. Additionally designed to be nice and long in order to accommodate the “one size fits all shapes and sizes” that as a designer, I strongly believe in. Any extra tail length can easily be used as a nursing cover, sun shade or simply tied loosely around the rings to offer the look of a faux wrapped look.