Babywearing Instructional Video's

   heart Instructional Video's include:

  • Wearing a small baby in a Wrap conversion mei tai
  • How to get a high back carry in your wrap conversion mei tai
  • Taking baby off your back safely from a high back carry
  • How to adjust and put your baby in a ring sling
  • How to wear your dog in a ring sling (By Gabriel)
  • How to sew with a monkey on your back (by some crazy lady)


   enlightened Video's coming soon:

  • How to properly thread a ring sling
  • How to superman toss your baby onto your back
  • Tricks for baby's who like to sit up while being wrapped
  • How to use a mesh Summer Sling


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How to Wear a small baby in an Earthy Bliss Heavenly Breeze Wrap Conversion Mei Tai





How to Wear an Earthy Bliss  Wrapture Conversion Mei Tai




How to get a High Back Carry in your WCMT:




Safely Taking Baby Down From A High Back Carry:




How to wear a Small Baby in a Standard Size Wrap Conversion Mei Tai:





How to Use Your Wrap Conversion Ring Sling:




How to Sew with a MONKEY on your back:





Ring Sling Swing: with my old shoulder





And For Giggles.....

How to wear your dog in a sling: (by my son)