Sunrise Rainbow Drool Stop Lovey Bamboo Blend


Drool Stop Lovey!

Mini *WRAP* lovey that works with ANY baby carrier

Available in many colors! 

Slide the loop over ANY shoulder strap and simply lay the lovey flat on your chest (between you and the child). This innovative accessory gives your baby something soft to lay on when sleeping, keeps spit up off of your chest & clothing, gives baby something to chew on instead of the top of the carrier, and keeps sweat from dripping down your shirt!  (simply fold the lovey over the top edge while attached to shoulder strap), discrete cover for nursing, or just a snuggly lovey!

***This listing is just for the lovey. Baby Carrier pictured not included*** 

 Width: 13 1/2"
Height: 101/2"
Can be used with all baby carriers  
Double layer  
Material Blend: 60% Cotton / 40% Bamboo
Weft: Creme
Weave: Twill


Price: $10.00
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