Lenny Lion Safari Woven Wrap Baby Duvet Set

Lenny Lion Woven Wrap Baby Duvet Set


 reduced to $25

Babies love wearing our wraps, which are soft and delicate from first use. These Baby Duvett Sets are even more soft and amazing then our wraps.

The material is weaved as broken twill from the best quality cotton yarn, in the same way as wraps, but it is a little thinner and softer. If your baby loves sleeping during a walk in your wrap, it will love sleeping during the night in these Baby Duvet Sets!

After weaving we print original colorful designs, found exclusively at LennyLamb. We use high quality paints, which are certified by Oko- tekst standard 100.

All baby Duvet sets are hypoallergenic, acari free, resistant to child’s saliva and totaly safe for babies and older kids!

Each set includes the following:

Duvet cover: 39.3"  x 51.1"
Large Pillow: 15.7" x 23.6"
Small Pillow: 15.7" x 15.7"


Price: $25.00
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